Site update news. March 2019

We are transitioning the website to a new platform to allow for other people who are interested in the “Liaison” story to contribute to the project. If you have a relative who was a Liaison pilot, passenger, or ground crew, we’d live to hear from you. Watch for some Liaison pilot stories to be added soon!

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2 Responses to Site update news. March 2019

  1. Lastvaurtour says:

    I recall a movie or short film about liaison L-5 Sentinel being armed with the three tube bazooka. It was mounted on the wing struts and fire electrically. I never forgot the image of the Sentinel tree hoping. I am afraid I don’t recall the time frame, late WWII or maybe Korea. I would have seen this around 1956-57. I look forward to following your blog.


    • Admin1Ryan says:

      It’s hard to believe, but it seems there were actually several of these. Look for us to talk about the story of “Rosie the Rocketeer” in the future!

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