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Our youth these days are all over digital formats (Hey, adults, too – you’re reading here, right?) but we think it’s great for them to do things offline. Here are some creative projects related to Liaison Aircraft that are available! And yes, “big kids” are welcome to enjoy them also.

The “Battlin’ Bricks” line 

The “Battlin Bricks” line of models are developed by the webmaster, Ryan, for his kids, and instructions to build them are made available for others to purchase and enjoy. Some of them are available for purchase at and others may be available here in the future!

The DFC Society promotional Republic F-105 Thunderchief model – F-105 brick plans to honor Vietnam War F-105 pilot Marty Mahrt!

Grasshopper Squadron has partnered with “Old Guys and Their Airplanes” to create a model of the airplane flown in OGTA’s latest production, “Never Alone – the Marty Mahrt Story.”

OGTA works with The Distinguished Flying Cross Society to bring stories of DFCS members to a wider audience.  

In support of the DFCS and OGTA, we are offering a version of our Lego® brick plans of Marty’s F-105 designed at 1/120 scale at no charge.  The plans can be downloaded by clicking here or visiting:®-F-105.pdf

If you find you do not have all of the required bricks to build this model, here are the ways you can source the rest of the bricks you may need:

  1. This page on Rebrickable will also show you where to purchase all or most of the parts you need, depending on availability. 
  2. There is a page on the Bricklink website where you MAY be able in the future to click the “easy buy” button and find all of the parts to build this model. 
  3. You can download an XML file with a list of the parts needed to build the aircraft HERE.
  4. If you have downloaded that file, the best way to get all of the parts you need is to go to this website, and follow the instructions for uploading the XML file to then order parts..

The finished model should look like this!

Picture of Lego F-105 model

Or, if you substitute parts and use varying colors, it might look like this:


Toy building ideas

  • Build a Stinson L-5 out of LEGO® bricks
    If you are interested in building a scale model of the Stinson L-5 out of Lego bricks, contact me at 

  • To build other WWII vehicles out of Lego® bricks – visit for affordable instructions.

Scale model building

Flying Models


  • Coming soon!

More ideas…