Bill Stratton – take one.

I’ll have more to write about Bill Stratton later on, but today’s blog post is the result of an email I got reminding me about an obituary I left a comment on years ago. Here’s a link to the obituary:

I knew Bill before he died and enjoyed speaking with him. He had a wealth of knowledge about liaison pilots and aircraft and he and Hardy Cannon were the founders of what is now the Alamo Liaison Squadron down in San Antonio, Texas, where I first flew “L-birds.” 

Bill also ran the “International Liaison Pilots Association” or ILPA until he died and collected numerous histories and anecdotes related to the liaison story. I spoke with Bill’s son afterwards about the collection of data, but lost touch with him shortly afterwards and am unsure where the collection ended up.

The ILPA website is long gone, but some of it can still be viewed here:

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