Research opportunities and obituaries

These days liaison pilots are becoming harder and harder to find. Sadly, we often don’t even know where to look until an obituary is posted.

Here is a sampling of obituaries I’ve found that mention Liaison Pilots. If any family members read this, or people come across this website that knew these pilots, please, please contact us!

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The best L-19 / O-1 Bird Dog resource – the International Birddog Association

Below are two of the best resources for history on the Cessna L-19 / O-1 Bird Dog. 

International Birddog Association website

International Birddog Association Facebook page

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Piper L-4H “Rosie the Rocketer” restoration story

Rosie the Rocketer

The original “Rosie the Rocketer” flown by U.S. Army pilot and artillery spotter Charles Carpenter aka “Bazooka Charlie” was found by the Collings Foundation and is under restoration to fly! Read more of the story in the link below:

We’ve been aware of the story for some time but it’s great to see the progress and some photos!

If you would like to purchase and build your own model of this aircraft, click the picture below!

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Liaison Aircraft on Facebook

Back when the webmaster was on Facebook he started this group which is still going, and a great source of frequent information:

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Eugene O’Brien Photo Album Collection on FLICKR

These photos were see in the San Diego Air and Space Museum Archives at this source:

Eugene O’Brien served in the 125th Liason Squadron during World War Two. These images document his time in Europe near the end of the War and contain a number of great shots like this below.


There are a number of other Stinson L-5 photos in this album. You can click below to view many of these photos!

Eugene O'Brien Photo Album Collection

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