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Welcome to's home page for Liaison Pilot Resources. Future contents will book reviews, links to related online media, and more! If you have a related item, please consider sending us a review copy. If accepted, we will review it here.


L-Bird: The Little Plane That Did

This upcoming full-length documentary has not been released to the public at the time of writing. The producers are working on the official release at this time.

The film, produced by On Air Media and the International Liaison Pilots Association includes a number of interviews with WWII liaison pilots. It also covers the Brodie Device and features a significant amount of rare original footage of Lbirds in action as well as footage of contemporary aircraft that have been restored..

When the film is released it will be a MUST SEE for anyone interested in Lbirds. The staff has seen the film and highly recommends it. It is suitable for family viewing.

If you visit the website below you can view a small sample of the film.


Book Reviews:

Review of US Liaison Aircraft in Action by Squadron/Signal at




  • Lbirds is pleased to present this flyer, originally intended for the Alamo Liaison Squadron's use at airshows. This flyer can be updated and modified by L-birds as needed for other organizations or individuals. Send us an email if you are interested!

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