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The liaison aircraft are not as flashy, not as good looking (to some people as a P-51 Mustang), and are not as popular in the history books, or with World War Two aviation enthusiasts. The available literature and online documentation reflect this. Below you will find some of the webmaster's favorite Lbird related websites and resources. If you have more, please send them to me via email. We're always on the lookout for good websites.


North American L-17 Navion -
Sentinel Owner's and Pilot's Association -
Stinson L-5 Yahoo Group Email List -
The International Bird Dog Association -


Alamo Liaison Squadron -
International Liaison Pilots Association -
The Stinson Club -


FindArticles - Tales of the Guinea Short Lines 25th Liaison Squadron Flight Journal, Apr 2002, by Busha, James P, Henkle, James, Bartlett, Frank
EAA Airventure - Oshkosh '09 -
Friend of Taylor Stevenson takes his magnificent L-5 restoration to Oshkosh!


The Lbirds Forum -
Army Wings and Wheels -

Lbird Restoration Projects - Coming Soon

General "Warbirds" Resources:

Warbird Information Exchange (WIX) -
Flypast Forum -
Army Air Forces Forum -


Blog post -



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