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WWII US Combat Lbirds

Consolidtated Vultee Stinson L-1
Stinson / Vultee L-1

Aeronca L-3

Piper L-4
Piper L-4 "Grasshopper" / "Cub"
Page coming soon

Consolidated Vultee Stinson L-5
Consolidated Vultee (Stinson) L-5 Sentinel Page coming soon!


US Non-combat Lbirds

Taylorcraft L-2
Taylorcraft L-2 "Grasshopper"
Interstate L-6


US Postwar and Other Related Types

Cessna L-19 "Birddog" Cessna O-2 "Skymaster"


Foreign Lbirds

Fieseler Storch Taylorcraft Auster

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