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Mr. Lindsey Sammons (Ret.)
L-bird pilot in the South Pacific
Article by Ryan Short

One of our L-birds researchers recently had the great privilege of interviewing WWII liaison pilot Lindsey Sammons. Now living deep in the heart of Texas, Mr. Sammons grew up in rural Kentucky. His father died when he was only two years old, and he struggled through the difficult times of the Depression along with his mother and younger siblings. He eventually ended up going to college and soon, along with many other young men, was drafted into the Army. Before being drafted he had taken the Civilian Pilot Training Program through his first solo (that's how far they would pay for your flight training), and had gone on and earned his pilot's license.

Mr. Sammons is one of the pilots featured in the upcoming documentary from the ILPA called L-bird: The Little Plane That Did.

Read his stories in the links below. The articles and photos below are his and are reprinted with his permission.

Pictures from Mr. Sammon's collection:

Pictures from Mr. Sammons Collection

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